Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wailele Falls

Recently we had recieved some good rain so I thought it would be a good oportunity to check out a tiny little waterfall and pool located in Laie, behind the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I couldn't find much information online or any directions so I asked around a little bit but was surprised that no one was willing to help me with directions to these falls.  I found some coordinates via a geocaching site and pieced things together a little but still wasn't sure of the access point.  That morning we headed for Laie and drove behind the polynesian cultural center to where a softball field was and we were met by a guard shack with a guard in it.  We decided this was obviously not the best way to enter and headed back to the main street.  We ended up driving down to Laie beach park and parking in the parking lot there and then crossing the street and walking back towards the polynesian cultural center.  We found an access road on our left hand side before pcc and headed down it.  If you ever visit this place just remember this, park at Laie beach park and walk back towards pcc and you will take a left at the first access road you see.  There is another access road just after the first one you come upon and right before the pcc but this is not the correct one. 

Once on the access road stay to your left and you will be fine.  You might encounter some people farming on the land but noone should give you a hard time.  After walking down the access road for a bit you will come upon a blue laie reserves sign that says no access without permit and junction.  Take a left and follow another gravel road that will eventually pass by a little house and then past some taro fields and finally into the woods and then to the stream.  Once at the stream there should be some ribbons to follow and there will be some crossings of the stream but as long as you remember to just keep heading upstream you will be fine.  On this day we thought maybe we had gone the wrong way because despite the recent rain there was very little to no water in the stream.  As we got closer to the falls we started to see a little more water but realized that there wasnt going to be much of a waterfall and were just keeping our fingers crossed that the pool wouldn't be filled with stagnant water, so we could swim.  As we approached the falls they looked nothing like I had seen in pictures.  I felt bad for bringing three others along with me to a waterfall that had no waterfall.  I appologized to my friends and chuckled to myself, but the pool looked very nice and was still swimable.  While the water wasnt the beautiful green color from pictures we had seen, it was still very clean and clear looking.  My friends didn't even seem disappointed that there were no falls, instead the all just jumped right in and started swimming and jumping off the rocks and swinging from a little rope that has been secured to a tree on the right side of the pool.  Despite feeling bad at first, I realized that everyone was there to enjoy the beauty and to have fun and that I was probably the only one disappointed that there were no falls.  Also, if you look carefully in the pool or in the streams you will be able to spot some prawns.  We some them everywhere on this day but were unable to catch any.  They are a lot quicker than I thought they would be.

While I am not sure of the exact distance of this hike, I will say this, it is very short and easy.  No climbs just a little rock hopping but it is suitable for anyone.  There is a very easy way to do this trail legally, but unfortunately until recently I never knew it because it seems that many bloggers and others are trying to keep this place a secret and are unwillingly to divulge any information.  Here's how to legally access this place.  Call Laie Reserves inc. at 293-9201 and tell them you are inquiring about a permit to hike on their property.  Tell them laie falls.  On the permit you receive, Laie falls, malaekahana falls, and koloa gulch will show up but not wailele falls, however you are allowed to hike back to wailele with this permit from what they have told me.  The permit is good for one year from what my friends have told me but i've also heard of one day permits.  The property is not accessible on sundays.  This is a mormon town so everything is shut down on sundays but I still venture back there to be honest and have never had any issues.  Another way to contact laie reserves is to send them an email.  There web site is, and the hiking permit information should be on the left side under the community services bar.  This is a very fun place to go swim and have fun with a few friends and I will be going back once we get some rain to take some pictures so people can see how beautiful it can really be.  You can also check out Kaleo Lancaster's, Island Trails.  His video and pictures are amazing from the day that he went and his directions are about the only helpful ones i've found on the internet.

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  1. This is the most directions I've seen thus far in my research on this hike!